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Vaastu For Business

Vaastu Shastra is one of the many great sciences that have come to us from the Vedas or the knowledge books of India. Vaastu helps in balancing the energy elements of any place with cosmic elements to bring inflow of positive energies leading to prosperous and wealthy business.

For a successful business venture, we need to put focus on Strength, Finances, Debt Trap and Health. Many in-house requirements of the company can be planned, in a way, to obey the rules.

Commencing with the main door or the entrance of the office, one should always choose the East or the North direction for the assimilation of positive energies.

Next crucial aspect is the sitting position of the CEO. He is the soul of the company and should sit in positive positions like South, West and Southwest. His subordinates, on the other hand, should be there at the Northwest or Southeast areas. If anyone in the organization sits at an incorrect position, wrong orientations will set blocks to his thinking process and hamper proper business decisions.

The doors and the passages are an important consideration for good financial flow, as whenever there is an unnecessary blockage; finances tend to get stifled and suffocated.

If anyone has got caught in the debt trap and is trying to come out of it, activate the flow with running water and air. This invariably happens when the North direction is totally blocked and the Kubera energy stops flowing.

Another small but important considerations while designing your office are like your locker room should be in the Southwest but it must open facing North. The parking area, on the other hand, should be given in the Northwestern side, while any heavy weight or machinery etc should be located in the Southwest direction.

Just remember that when Vaastu Shastra’s principles are properly adapted to the modern changed conditions of business living, it strengths your inherent business acumen so that you can climb the business ladder with ease.