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Vaastu For Education

In today’s extremely competitive world, it has become highly important for a child to score good grades for a bright future. But sometimes, even after burning the midnight oil, a child fails to achieve the desired results.

We often hear parents complaining about poor retention of their kids. Some of the problems commonly faced are:

If your kids are facing any of these problems, then Vaastu Shastra is the answer to all your problems. As per Vaastu Shastra’s basic principle, the Five Elements of Water, Space, Air, Earth and Fire and their distribution in the 16 Vaastu zones determine the exact shape that your life takes. There are some zones that are favorable and those that are not meant for a particular activity.

Some handy Vaastu tips to enhance your academic achievements are:

Let me try to explain the importance of the tips mentioned above to you with an example. Supposedly, If a student has placed his study table in a negative direction, his efforts to score well will be in vain. Directions like North, North-West or South and South –West are not favorable for studies. If a study table is placed in these directions, then the student will use the computer on the study table for entertainment, not for study-related purposes, while in the South, he will be too relaxed to study.

So, ask your child to adhere to these facile Vaastu principles and he will surely have a glorious career ahead!

PS:If any of our reader intends to get some more crucial tips for his/her commercial space, he/she can refer to the FAQs section of our website, while for any personal assistance, please contact our pandit Mr Rakesh Jain at the details mentioned in the “Contact us” section.