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About Vaastu

Vaastu is a set of traditional ways of construction that help in improving the quality of life. It acts as a guide in the proper positioning and placement of different aspects of a building or interiors. Existing since 50 centuries, it is an ancient science that defines design principles of architecture based on an expert understanding of astrology, astronomy and cosmic events and their effects on human life. It is based on alignments of directions with the planets, space and time. Also referred as the Science of Direction, Vaastu integrates the natural elements with the human world. This integration happens due to an in depth study of several principles and calculations. These principles are applied during a construction process and even later, as a way of living in peace with nature and the environment.

The position of rooms, decoration and furniture in a building, among other things, is directly affected by their geographical location. This is where it becomes important to calculate their alignments with the fields of the earth. The unique science of Vaastu ensures that you avoid negative zones of your immediate environment. It also ensures that your home, family, wealth and career are comparatively safer and headed towards better progress. The aim of Vaastu Shastra is to balance the five elements of nature: fire, earth, space, water and air with life. According to it, each of these elements corresponds to a force that effects human lives. Some of these forces are the magnetic field and gravitational pull of the earth, solar radiation, wind energy and cosmic waves. Our ascendants who excelled in this field figured out this relation and came up with ways that would lead to desirable and long lasting results.

Sometimes having all the resources for achieving goals is not enough unless the resources are utilized in the appropriate manner. The science of a spiritual architecture caters to this area to an extent. Vaastu is known to reward the follower with numerous benefits in terms of positive changes in health, career, relationships and other areas. When implemented right, it acts as a protection from external disturbances and unwanted entities. It is based on cause and effect and has proven to influence minds and change lives since ages. Compliance with Vaastu is not necessary but is certainly a harmless option to try and improve the quality of your life. Following the rules in the proper manner can help in bringing out the best in individuals by enhancing their well being, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

The number of Vaastu experts in the country is quite good and that makes it important to make the right decision while choosing to consult any of them. This is because experts can have differing opinions and going to too many people will only confuse you. You must know that Vaastu intends to make your life simpler by avoiding diseases and depression. It is wise to consult a Vaastu expert who can guide you well in every architectural aspect of your home and office space and is also able to provide logical answers to your questions.