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A healthy mind in a healthy body is the secret to a blissful life.In fact in our religious books and scriptures, health has been considered as the biggest wealth. But sometimes, even after taking all the precautions from our side, we suffer from unnecessary ailments and health issues without any reason.

Some common health related complaints during are:

In this condition, the right Vaastu advice is the only resort.

Just like human body, the base of Vaastu science is also based on the five basic elements of nature-Earth,Fire,Air,Sky and Water. Any kind of imbalance in the combination of these elements brings discomfort to our body resulting into ailments. Vaastu Shastra’s rules like correct positioning of the items, positive colors in the house remove all the negative energies from the house and mitigates all the health problems.

Mr Rakesh Jain has suggested some simple rules that can bring effective results in resolving heath issues:

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